Based on the work of Ilan Deutsch-Levitan, French photographer, and Clarence Ugdebe (Gottay Photography), Nigerian photographer, this exhibition puts into light the faces and stories of displaced and vulnerable populations of Maiduguri. Among the inhabitants and displaced people of Bolori II ward, the two photographers have met beneficiaries of the food security program set up by Première Urgence Internationale, with the support of USAID/FFP.
The humanitarian needs in the neighborhood remain huge despite tremendous solidarity between host communities and displaced families
Indeed, the precariousness of the host populations combined with the massive and continuous influx of displaced people over the past three years put the majority of the inhabitants of the neighborhood into a situation of great vulnerability.
Nowadays, humanitarian aid is ubiquitous and essential in this neighborhood, symbol of the consequences of the conflict striking north-east Nigeria for several years.
“Through the eyes” of the two photographers you are invited to discover Maiduguri, which became a sanctuary city for a thousand of people; faces of children, women and men, marked by their past, that shared their stories with Première Urgence Internationale, and now, with you.