The Institut français du Nigeria supports the residency of French artist Vincent Parisot in November at the International Institute for Creative Development in Abuja. This one month residency gathered 5 artists from around the world who worked on artistic projects and took time to discover and interact with the Nigerian artistic scene. Vincent Parisot also created a body of work in the garden and on the walls of the Institut français du Nigeria building. Come have a look…




About Vincent Parisot:

“Objects or urban elements are often represented in my work out of their original context. I create a dialogue between public and private space with my drawings and paintings, highlighting, erasing or transforming these objects.

In recent years most of the projects were carried out in situ. Some of them are autonomous and can adapt to different places or situations, some of them are only visible in the place where they were created for a limited time. Whether they are large outdoor murals or discreet interventions, they blend in the environment, surprise the onlooker and ignite curiosity. The concepts and ideas come from the specificity, geography, nature of the place, anecdotes or historic events.

I started a project called Insular in Heraklion, on the island of Crete, in Greece, where my studio has been for the last few years.Because of the economic crisis the Greek state has begun to privatize pieces of land including several islands.Through this situation, I created this project, a fictional space that took many forms. The production was done with very few resources, found locally. What interested me was to move between public and private space, using ready made objects, using painting and drawing.

The first step was the exhibition Insularium (islands for sale), where concrete sample cores painted in blue were for sale. Further on I used pieces of found painted surfaces (plaster, acrylic…) that came from the walls of my neighborhood. I set up a “peeled paint collection”, with different shades and textures. I use several of those pieces directly on the surface of the walls andcreate series of wallpaintings.

For the residency in Abuja, I would like to develop this project using material from the surrounding environment.”