The Second annual Photocarrefour photography exhibition themed “Framing Common Identity” opening of the 29th of September, 2018.
This year, that present interesting works from divergent photographers, who are using the medium of photography to visually explore the complex theme of Identity. These photographers, with the use of camera techniques, concepts and approach, communicate their point of views. A black and white image of a self-portrait by way of a camera technique of double exposure and motion blur, explores depression as identity, images of a woman and people mining precious stones, an up-close image of a man milking his cow, to a lady who bares scares of war as identity. Some are rather mystical, such as a series of traditional masquerades, who are believed to possess spiritual powers.
Also, if you are more into some kinetic stimulations, it will be having a dance presentation by a proponent of contemporary dance and choreography in Abuja. Mima Angulu. Using her human body expresses identity in a dance piece.
And final, we will have a talk by veteran photographer, Godswill Ayemoba, who will be giving his notion as a photojournalist travelling the country and documenting stories of war, culture and intimate everyday Nigerian life.
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