With more than 25 employees, our Institute is a dynamic structure.

Director: Mr. Arnaud DORNON

Deputy Director/ cultural attachée: Mrs Aude URCUN

Education attachée: Mrs Fanny Dureysseix

Director of studies: Mr. Cyriaque AIDASSO directorstudies@institutfr-nigeria.org

Coordinator of Studies: Mrs Anastasia KRATCHOVSKY coordinatorstudies@institutfr-nigeria.org

Cultural Officer: Mrs Marina LACAL cultural@institutfr-nigeria.org

Promotion of higher education in France / Campus France: Mrs Saranne COMEL nigeria@campusfrance.org

Financial Manager: Mrs Nicole LAGUERRE

Accountant: Mr. Jean-Marc BOUAZO

Librarian: Mrs Martina ADET LAWRENCE library@institutfr-nigeria.org

Receptionist / Personal Assistant: Mr. Ahmed MUSTAPHA contact@institutfr-nigeria.org

Teachers: Anne-Marie, Chika, Emmanuel, Folly, Joel, Kevin, Loky, Nathalie, Olivier, Paulinus, Rebecca,  Sulaiman, Ugonne, Mary, Seraphine, Tayo, Ekanem.