As part of the French-Japanese Animated Film Festival (FJAFF):

Cul de bouteille (Speaky Four Eyes) by Jean-Claude Rozec, France, 2010, 9mins, in French with English subtitles

The news is bad : his extreme shortsightedness means that Arnaud must wear glasses. But not just any glasses : large clumsy frames that make his ears stick out and hurt his nose, the lenses so thick they make his eyes look like two tiny black dots…Arnaud does not like these dreadful glasses and prefers the blurry, protean world of his shortsightedness, a world populated by monsters and unicorns and other fantastic creatures conjured up by his imagination…


5 short movies by Michel Ocelot, France, 1980-1992, 41mins, in French with English subtitles

Les Inventeurs, La légende du pauvre bossu, La belle fille et le sorcier, Bergère qui danse, Le prince des joyaux

These are family-friendly movies, be all welcome!

Date: Saturday 31st October

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Institut Français du Nigeria

The entrance is free!