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07 Nov / 13:30 - Abuja

FJAFF // Princess Arete // Japan

As part of the French-Japanese Animated Film Festival (FJAFF):

Princess Arete (アリーテ姫 Arīte Hime) is a 2001 animated film released by Japanese animation studio Studio 4°C based on Diana Coles’s 1983 story The Clever Princess. The film is a non-traditional approach to the standard tales of fairy tale princesses, and it is known in Japan as one of the most successful animated feminist works.

Under the rule of her solemn father the King, the young Princess Arete grows up in a lonely tower awaiting a suitor worthy of her. While the suitors accomplish countless treasure-collecting quests for the King, the princess begins to experience an awakening curiosity in the outside world. Sneaking out of the castle several times she begins to recognize that she has been missing out on life while locked away in the isolation of her tower. When her life is disrupted by the arrival of several very enthusiastic suitors, Arete makes up her mind to escape into the wider world…

This is a family friendly movie, be all welcome!

Date: Saturday 7 November 2015

Time: 1:30pm

Venue: Institut Français du Nigeria

The entrance is free

Watch the trailer here

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Institut Français du Nigeria

07 Nov / 13:30


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