Friday 27 November 2015 – 6:30pm

Les témoins du climat, 7 milliards d’autres (Climate Voices, 7 billion others) by GoodPlanet Foundation, France, documentary, 2009, 26 mins, in English

The climate is at the heart of our life but we do not always realize it. In continuation of the project 7 billion Others, the GoodPlanet Foundation met those who see today’s climate change in their lifestyle and environment.

Les temps changent (Changing Climate, Changing Times) by Marion Milne, France, 2008, 90 mins, in French with English subtitles

Year 2075. Climate predictions made at the beginning of the 21st century have turned out to be dramatically true: global warming of the Earth’s atmosphere now has serious consequences on the everyday lives of our grandchildren. Through stories around the world, the film addresses the environmental, geopolitical and economic impacts of global warming.

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