Campus France Nigeria have asked the opinion of Mrs Edith Elo-Oghene MUGBEH who is finishing her Masters at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers.

SCHOOL: Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)     PROGRAM/YEAR: October 2014-September 2016

Why did you choose to study in France?: To learn the language, and the educational system is different from the British or US system which I am already acquitted with.

What are you studying? : Masters in International Business and Corporate development

In What part of France (city) are you?: Paris

What are you actually doing or what are your plans for the future?: Now I am studying and researching on globalization strategy of various international companies, and at the end of my programme I plan to work and gain some international experience whilst I pursue further a PHD programme.

Did studying in France help you to achieve a goal?: Yes indeed, though still in progress, my study in France is helping me immensely on learning the language and the culture.

What is/are the main difference(s) between the French and the Nigerian educational system? And your likes and dislikes about the French system?: There is a huge difference between both system, I am particularly intrigued by the way lectures are delivered and the different medium of expected response from student on what they have learnt in the French system. Personally I have no dislike with the French system of education.

What have been the greatest difficulties you had to face in France?: Greatest difficulty will be the documentation bureaucracy with OFII, and getting my Social Security. Being above 28yrs and a student is very complex going through the system, because different regulation apply to this category.

What positive points do you see in this experience?: Differences make us unique in life, you can’t really developm yourself if you don’t venture out of your comfort zone.

What are the negative points?: Don’t go to a country without at least having a basic knowledge of the language.

Did you have knowledge of French before your departure? If no, how did you cope with the language?: I didn’t have any knowledge of French before my departure but coping was not all that difficult as my programme was in English and I started taking French classes immediately. People in Paris are always ready to assist when they realise you are not fluent in French. Nevertheless, learning the language was a priority for me.

What advices do you have for the future students willing to study in France?: Don’t waste time making your decision, to study in France is stepping into a whole new world of learning, living and experiences. Do it soon, do it now, you will only have yourself to thank at the end, the experience is of immeasurable value.