DanceGATHERING TWENTY18 is supported by the Institut francais du Nigeria 



What is danceGATHERING?

danceGATHERING 2018 will be co-curated by Qudus Onikeku, dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the QDance Center Lagos and Onye Ozuzu, who is the Dean of the School of Fine and Performing Arts, Columbia College Chicago. This second edition of danceGATHERING is being framed as a space for anti-disciplinary practice on the African continent, where we gather creative thinkers, to share the same space and time with contemporary artistes, who are radically shifting the boundaries of knowledge in the field of creative arts (Dancers, Choreographers, Musicians, Actors, Poets, Sound engineers, DJs, Visual Artistes, Video artistes, Theatre Practitioners, Composers, Performance artists, Writers and everything in between.) All of these different disciplines, coming together to work on ideas that doesn’t necessarily fit into one discipline. 


Theme “BODY and MEMORY”

Every year, danceGATHERING tasks itself with the work of documentation and archiving contemporary knowledge about performance, each edition therefore, comes with a theme and a publication to go with it. The theme for our next edition is BODY and MEMORY, it will focus on varied forms of writings, that explores the body as a storehouse of memories and inherited traumas, as the living thing that has passed through the tunnel of history, the body as a prized possession, a battle field and a space of freedom; memory as an element of healing and restoration, to go beyond set limitations and communicate those in nonverbal, performative forms. Unlike the first edition, where we produced our publication before the festival, this time in partnership with SARABA Magazineand Cassava Republic Press, we plan to invite few writers to be part of the process and then publish after the whole process, so all the findings at the gathering will equally inform the eventual publication. 


What to expect at danceGATHERING 2018

The first week of danceGATHERING will be dedicated to workshops and master classes facilitated by our co-curators and other guests who shall be in Lagos for the full two weeks, while the second week offers a laboratory where all the participants group themselves in various ateliers, to experiment together, exchange creative processes and patterns, to dive deeper into pertinent questions of innovation, as it pertains to their practices, while they develop new collaborative works that engage the creative energy of Lagos. On the final weekend, danceGATHERING transforms into a performance festival, where all the findings and outcomes will be shared with a larger Lagos and international audience.