The Institut francais du Nigeria supports Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu, Artist, curator and founder of IICD Center, for taking part in this programme…

Courants du Monde Programme – Spring 2018

Conference for English speakers
Building public engagement
Dates Monday 4 to Thursday 14 June (inclusive)


The Ministry of Culture (General Secretariat, Department of Legal and International Affairs) is organising this conference as part of its training offer.
The conference will be presented in English only.


The conference is aimed at experienced English-speaking professionals (administrators of cultural institutions, public engagement managers, cultural project managers, local authority culture managers, professionals responsible for developing and steering cultural policy) located anywhere in the world, who are involved in cultural projects in their home country that play a significant role in
terms of public engagement.


Artistic and cultural practices have changed and the digital revolution has upset the established order, but the aim of getting everyone involved in cultural life remains as relevant as ever. Cultural democratisation is now one of the key priorities of the Ministry of Culture. We approach public engagement – particularly when it comes to artistic and cultural education – in partnership with the Ministry
of National Education, as well as the other government ministries and local authorities, which are developing a whole range of actions aimed at young people. Cultural institutions, museums, libraries and arts venues are also developing methodologies and projects to ensure their offer reflects changes in usage patterns and to enable them to reach those audiences that are the furthest
removed from cultural life.
Through round tables, tours and workshops, the conference will explore the factors that are key to public engagement and consider how public engagement is achieved in practice.
Taking place in Paris and across France, it will bring together around twenty experienced cultural professionals working in government departments or cultural institutions (heritage and non-heritage). The conference aims to encourage participants to share their experiences and will facilitate the development of professional networks between France and the participants’ countries.


The conference will address the following topics, among others:
• Audience typology
• Key public engagement stakeholders and partners
• Artistic and cultural education policy
• The development and implementation of public cultural development strategies, particularly in deprived areas
• The role of digital tools in cultural interpretation
• Communication
• Evaluation

At the end of the conference, the participants will be able to:

• Identify the key players involved in managing and developing artistic and cultural education
• Work in synergy with all those involved in public engagement
• Develop cultural interpretation strategies and tools, particularly directed at audiences with social or physical barriers to accessing culture
• Communicate with these audiences and public bodies

The conference will draw on the experience of top cultural professionals from the Ministry of Culture (and related bodies), local authorities, teaching establishments, libraries, museums, heritage sites, arts venues and other cultural institutions.

Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu

Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu, hails from Oguta in Imo State, Nigeria. He currently studying Curatorial Studies in School of Curatorial Studies Venice, Italy, studied The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations. University of Maryland, College Park, and he has Certificate in Managing the Art for Cultural Organisation from Leuphana, University of Luneberg, Germany (MOOC, 2015/2016). He also attended Asiko Art School Dakar, Senegal in 2014. He is an Alumnus of the U.S. Department of States (IVLP), 2011. Nduwhite represented Nigeria in 2010 Dak’Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal. He attended the International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, in 2008 under the sponsorship of the Ford foundation West Africa. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree, Fine and Applied Arts in 2000 from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is also a founding member of the Mundus Maris International Initiative, Belgium. He is an ardent Curator and a Poet who performs some of his works. He is also a Nigerian Cultural Ambassador to Germany as well as Israel, and as a cultural diplomat, he initiated the project “Re-imagine Nigeria” a project that seeks to use art as a tool for cultural diplomacy.
He has participated in many local and International Workshops and Exhibitions and has four solo exhibitions to his credit. One of his creative project “Bus Stop” was in April at the RAVY 2010 Festival, Cameroun. In 2009, he was selected for the second European Atelier Festival Managers, Varna, Bulgaria and Midbar International Artists Residency Israel in 2006.
Nduwhite Ndubuisi Ahanonu is the founder of the International Institute for Creative Development (IICDCENTER) Abuja, which is helping to reposition the ideology and the creative narratives of the Abuja- art scene/artists and Nigerian artists at large.
He initiated IICD International Artists Residency, which has created new creative synergies, stimulated hybrid conversation and creative exchanges amongst Nigerian artists and the visiting international artists in residence, with a focus to inspire research
opportunities, stimulates new arguments, dialogues and questions in line with international curatorial practices.
IICD-Center major objective is to help the artist find their voice; connect their trajectories and develop new narratives in the context of contemporary art practice.