Ever since 1972 and the first United Nations Conference dedicated to human environment, the World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide, every year on the 5th of June. Particularly committed to the fight against climate change and the preservation of biodiversity, France has once again decided this year, to mark this Day in Abuja: 

Starting June 5th, the Institut français du Nigéria will host the IRDCIRAD exhibition “Tropical Forests, the future of the earth”: a world tour of the tropical forests, hotspots of biodiversity, which represent almost one third of the world’s forests. Sources of immense wealth, these forests are widely exploited and subsequently threatened. The exhibition focuses on modes of sustainable management that reconcile exploitation and preservation of tropical rainforests.

On June 11th, the Embassy of France in Nigeria will organize the screening of the film “Once upon a forest”. This scientific and pedagogic documentary shows how tropical forests were created centuries ago and how they evolve, from the first shoots to the interactions with fauna and flora. From Gabon to Peru, this film brings to light the importance of an ecosystem that actually exists in Southern Nigeria.