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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development provides a large number of scholarships to international students. A quarter of the grants are awarded by the Ministry’s central offices in Paris (e.g., grants under the “Eiffel” and “Excellence Major” programs). The rest are awarded by French embassies. Information on all French government scholarships is available from the culture and cooperation service of France’s embassies and consulates general.

The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research also offers scholarships, notably to applicants who have lived in France for at least two years and whose residence for tax purposes is located in France. The Ministry also funds PHD researches, which are managed by doctoral department throughout France.

Some French higher education institutions also offer scholarships and other financial support schemes. Interested students should inquire to the international relations bureau of each French higher education institution.

CampusBourses (an online search engine) delivers instant information on financial support and scholarships by allowing you to access information customized to your needs, profile and requirements. From bachelor (licence) to postdoc levels, CampusBourses contains datas on grant and scholarship programs run by national and local governments, corporations, foundations, and institutions of higher education throughout France.

Useful link: CampusBourses


23 Sep - Abuja

Open day

  Saturday 23th September 2017 10am to 2pm    Success of the second edition of the Open Day at the Institut Français du Nigéria – Abuja – 23/09/2017 The second edition of the Open Day of the Institut Français du Nigéria (IFN) was held on Saturday, September 23, 2017. This event included French breakfast, book…Continue Reading >

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