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Office for promotion of higher education in France

The French Embassy in Nigeria through its office of promotion of higher education, Campus France, is welcoming prospective students and assisting them as they consider studying in France.

Campus France orientate students in identifying suitable programmes, scholarship programmes and in complying with visa regulations and other administrative requirements prior to their arrival in France. We regularly organize pre-departure sessions and CV & cover letter workshops to empower students to get the best learning and human experience during their stay in France.

France is the third destination for international student mobility in the world with about 300.000 foreign students joining French higher education institutions every year.

French higher education has evolved over the years to fit in with the evolving higher education world: it now offers more than 1000 degree programs taught in English from Bachelor degree programs to Phd degree Programs. Accounting for more than 20% of its overall budget, education represents the priority of the French government.

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