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Learn while having fun

Please find below a selection of digital resources to help you learn French while having fun. We will add more on the way, stay in touch.


Website to help you learn French in a fun way

Apprendre le français avec TV5Monde. Lots of exercices, videos and games to learn French

Bonjour de France. A complete website with lots of exercices of grammar, vocabulary, dictations, DELF preparations… and games !


Improve your listenng comprehension – Follow the French news !

Radio France Internationale (RFI) 

  • Journal en français facile: Get to understand the news in French : one bulletin a day in simple French explains the events and puts the words into context.
  • Fait du jourImprove your understanding of current affairs with exercises from the news in simple French.
  • Mot de l’actualité: Read and listen to this lively review explaining a word or item from the day’s news.

News in Slow French

Listen to the French radios live 

Watch French TV programmes               

BBC Afrique in French


Prepare for the exams / Test your level


Campus Electronique

A good website to help you prepare for the DALF


Interesting blogs to follow:

Advices on how to prepare the DELF

To help you get better in listening comprehension




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