Histories of Borno by Vincent HIRIBARREN, author

In his book “Un manguier au Nigéria”, Vincent Hiribarren takes us to the shores of Lake Chad, in the Borno region of Nigeria, to discover one of the oldest states in Africa. A book that gives voice to Nigerians who are often caricatured or become mere stereotypes in the media; the victim, the poor, the forgotten on one side face the bearded, the barbarian, the terrorist on the other.

On Friday, the 21st of February, the author will present his recently published book and talk about the work of dissemination and popularization of the history of Nigeria.

This talk will explore the history and culture of a society known today for having given birth to Boko Haram. Borno might no longer be ‘Home of Peace’ but it has a long history which deserves to be studied and taught. For a millennium its inhabitants contributed to the construction of Kanem-Borno one of the most ancient states in Africa. One of the first sub-Saharan regions to convert to Islam, Kanem-Borno has always been connected to the outside world.

Through a series of portraits, this talk will explore themes such as gender relations, education, local politics and economy. You will be able to hear the testimonies of an elderly woman from Dikwa, a lecturer from Maiduguri, the Shehu of Borno and one of the main traders of hides and skins in Borno.

Through this grassroot approach, Vincent Hiribarren hopes to reconstruct a more complete image of the north-eastern corner of Nigeria.

Vincent Hiribarren trained as a History and Geography teacher and taught in France, China, Guinea and England. After obtaining a PhD from the university of Leeds, he joined the History Department at King’s College London in September 2013. He is the author of A History of Borno (Hurst and Oxford University Press, 2017) and Un manguier au Nigeria : histoires du Borno (Plon, 2019).

Friday 21st of February at 6 PM at the Institut français du Nigéria
Free admission