The Institut francais du Nigeria supports this project by invited Simon Rouby, an accomplished French animated film director, to a 1-month artistic residency in Nigeria…

Like the famous Khalila et Dhimna story from which it borrows the name, Flying Carpet Is a multi disciplinary collaborative project that gathers six artists from different places and background including; Nigeria, France, USA, and Algeria, in Kaduna. Starting from June 1st they will travel to the state to collaborate, research, and create material. Each will focus on their area of expertise with the possibility of cross disciplinary collaboration with each other as well as selected local artist/artisans. Our focus include; Choreography/Dance (Qudus Onikeku and Onye Ozuzu) Music (Keziah Jones) Animation and video installation (Maqari and Simon Rouby) Painting (Yassine Mekhnache).
We aim to encourage an exchange of ideas with upcoming minds in Kaduna based on engagement with professional practitioners each of whom have achieved a degree of recognition in their field. The process will be documented as a film and photography and made available online and other media outlets. We are looking to use public spaces as a platform for an interactive exhibition of the afore mentioned material, performance/public discussion.
What links all six artists together is an interest in northern Nigeria. In various ways and to a different degree each of us has an artistic motive to be here, be it to strengthen an already established link with the local talent in the Case of Qudus Onikeku, Onye Ozuzu and Maqari or to Establish New ones. We will focus on public spaces that are either forgotten or have fallen into disuse as a platform to interact with both local artists and the audience.
Participating Artist will employ their presence to reimagine public spaces as active thinking and interactive bodies giving us an opportunity to reinvent the histories of such places and our relationship to them. Through tangible encounters with local artists, students, artisans we will gather material to be further processed and articulated through our respective mediums. The performances/
installations themselves will take place in non-traditional spaces that are not necessarily designated for art performances. The aim is not only to entertain but to educate and exchange ideas with each other and the public.