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21 June 2017

Dans le cadre du Fonds culturel franco-allemand, les missions diplomatiques et culturelles de la France et de l’Allemagne au Nigéria ont décidé d’organiser deux ateliers à Lagos et à Abuja dans le domaine du cinéma d’animation afin d’accompagner l’essor de ce secteur au Nigeria. L’Institut français du Nigéria est à la recherche de professionnels pouvant…Continue Reading >

06 Jun / 27 Jun - Abuja

Cross cultural dialogue Festival

Cross Cultural Dialogue Festival Program ! This festival is created for facilitating the dialogue between different stakeholders, communities or simply individuals through different means: arts, conferences, round-tables… The topic of this year is “How can humiliation lead to resistance”. Tuesday, 6th of June: The venue of the Award-Winning French Senegalese Filmmaker Alain Gomis National Film…Continue Reading >

Bertrand Badie, a sociologist in international relations and social psychology, reveals the importance of passions in the diplomatic game. His analysis focuses on humiliation, as a practice of the powerful and feeling felt by the weak. This lecture is proposed in the context of his book “The Time of The Humiliated” (2014). Bertrand BADIE is…Continue Reading >

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